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Iím Sally Mars. Iíve been producing projects in one sense or another for nearly twenty years. I started out doing stage production for Rock and Reggae shows in Colorado, where I went to high school and college. Then I moved to Minneapolis to work in Broadcast Production, doing small to medium sized commercials and industrials.

I heard about a photographer here that was looking for a Studio Manager. Photography has always been my passion. So I moved into Still Production, first as a Studio Manager then later as a Production Manager for a four-shooter outfit.

Then the advertising agency called... I spent five fruitful years at Fallon and left my position as Director of Art Buying in 1999 to start my own production company, cleverly titled Sally Mars Productions Inc. Since then Iíve been working as a Producer the world over for some of this planetís finest photographers and clients. Youíll find a partial listing on this site.

In addition to producing stills, Iíve produced a feature film called ďSeeking WellnessĒ that is presently collecting awards on the festival circuit and the 160 page monograph Tolerance for artist Chris Mars, for whom I also serve as agent. I do some portfolio and industry consultation on occasion and lecture on copyright and marketing as each relates to the advertising industry. Iím a sports fan, a movie buff and an animal lover. My short stories have appeared in journals such as Talking River, Kaliope, Whispering Shade and The Rake. My personal photography shows up in Shots magazine from time to time, in Elysian Fields Quarterly of late, and a few years back won a ribbon at The Minnesota State Fair.

As a Producer, I know that keen organization allows for greater creative freedom. Iím well-versed photographically and Iím agency-experienced so I have a sense of their needs, too. Iím honest and calm and personally hold the belief that it is not only spiritually necessary but also ultimately most efficient to treat others with consideration and respect. Iím not a low-baller. Iím not a high-baller. Iím not the right fit for everyone.

If youíd like to chat with me about your project, you just let me know! If youíre looking for references, check out my client list. If you need more information, just contact me. And if youíre looking for my non-production alter-ego, visit

Thanks a lot,

Sally Mars

Sally Mars Productions, Inc.
P.O. Box 24631
Minneapolis, MN 55424

Percentage for Peace: A portion of all proceeds go directly to secular charities promoting peace through education, health and relief at home and abroad.